Marriage has become a battleground issue, as more than a few people have noticed. At the same time, many Christians are bewildered at how rapidly this has become a political issue.

On the one hand, we are still confronted with all the regular challenges of building a God-honoring marriage, and on the other we are seeking to do it while the institution itself is under attack. In the course of this conference, Marriage Militant, we are seeking to address both sets of issues.

We want to provide practical help for husbands and wives in the glorious task of building a life together, and we also want to set forth the scriptural basis of a cogent cultural response to those who would substitute a legal mirage for a covenant reality.

This year, we are going to try an experiment in grace. And that means we are not charging for the conference. We would love to have you at the Grace Agenda conference free of charge. In keeping with this spirit of grace, we are accepting free will donations on the registration page and at the door.


  • doug
    Doug Wilson
  • Douglas Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. He is a founding board member of Logos School, a Senior Fellow of theology at New Saint Andrews College, and he serves as an instructor at Greyfriars Hall, a ministerial training program at Christ Church. He helped to establish the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) and is the author of numerous books on classical Christian education, the family, the church, and the reformed faith. After serving in the U.S. Navy in the submarine service, he completed a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy and a B.A. in classical studies from the University of Idaho. Douglas and his wife Nancy have three children and a bunch of grandkids.
  • ben
    Ben Merkle
  • Ben Merkle is a Minister at Christ Church, Dean of New Saint Andrews College, and an instructor at Greyfriars Hall. He is the author of The White Horse King (Thomas Nelson, 2009). Ben holds a B.S. in Education, with a Chemistry emphasis from the University of Idaho (1996) and an M.A. in English literature from the University of Idaho (2005). He recently completed his DPhil in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. But the degree had nothing to do with anything oriental. It was about the study of Hebrew during the Reformation, so please don't ask him about your Chinese vase. He and his wife Rebekah have five children.
  • nate
    Nate Wilson
  • N.D. Wilson is a best-selling author and Fellow of Literature at New Saint Andrews College. His book Death by Living won top honors in Christianity Today's 2014 Book Awards in the spirituality category. He received his B.A. from New Saint Andrews College in 1999 and an M.A. from St. John's in Annapolis, MD, in 2001. Wilson is the author of several titles, including Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Ashtown Burials series, the 100 Cupboards trilogy and Leepike Ridge. He is also a film producer and screenwriter.
  • tim
    Tim Edwards
  • Timothy Edwards is Fellow of Theology at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID where he teaches the Theology Colloquium as well as Biblical Hebrew. A seasoned rugby player and coach, Dr. Edwards' presence adds a bit more experience to the college's annual pumpkin rugby match. Before coming to Moscow, Timothy taught at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and continues as the Hebrew Editor for the BibleMesh Biblical Languages program. He holds a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies from Oxford University and completed his M.A. in Jewish Civilization from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has also taught Old Testament, Biblical Theology, Psalms and Marriage and Family at various Bible schools in Europe and Russia. Timothy and his wife Anna have 6 children.


  • Friday, March 27th

    • 8:30am

      Church Leaders’ Seminar Registration

      Nuart Theater
    • 9:00am

      Femina Seminar Registration

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 9:00am - 3:00pm

      Church Leaders’ Seminar For Men

      Nuart Theater
    • 9:30am - 3:00pm

      Femina Seminar For Women

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 3:00pm

      Grace Agenda Registration

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 6:00pm

      Grace Agenda Kick-Off

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 6:30pm

      Love and Respect Basics {Douglas Wilson}

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 8:00pm

      Strangers in a Strange Land {Timothy Edwards}

      Church of the Nazarene
  • Saturday, March 28th

    • 9:00am

      Husbands and Fathers {N.D. Wilson}

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 10:30am

      Submission as Glory {Ben Merkle}

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 11:30am

      Breakout Sessions

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 12:00pm

      Lunch Break

    • 2:00pm

      Marriage as Gospel {Douglas Wilson}

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 3:00pm

      Roundtable Discussion

      Church of the Nazarene
    • 4:30pm

      Manifesto of the Grace Agenda

      Church of the Nazarene

Additional Events

Pre-Conf. Seminars

  • womans-worth
    Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm

    If you were to ask "what is a woman worth?" you might be expecting an answer that is denigrating to women, as though such a thing might be reduced to payments, as though a woman is a commodity.

    But this mini-conference is on "a woman's worth," and what it should make us think of the biblical injunction to all of us to walk in a manner that is worthy of the calling we have received.

    A complimentary lunch is available.

    Courageous Women

    Rachel Jankovic

    Loyal Women

    Heather Wilson

    Contented Women

    Nancy Wilson

    Faithful Women

    Bekah Merkle

  • membership
    Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm

    It is odd that people tend to think of church polity as a dry and dusty subject because some of a minister's most exciting moments are a direct result of polity applications and misapplications.

    In an attempt to keep those adrenaline rush moments to a minimum, this mini-conference seeks to address the basics of church government.

    A complimentary lunch is available for a limited number. Reserve your spot at the lunch on the registration page.

    Church Membership

    Douglas Wilson

    Child Communion

    Doug Wilson

    Church Discipline

    Doug Wilson

    Church Government

    Doug Wilson


Church of the Nazarene

Femina Seminar for Women & Grace Agenda Conference
1400 East 7th St. Moscow, ID


Nuart Theater

Church Leaders’ Seminar for Men
516 South Main St. Moscow, ID